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Law Council of Australia


Real RRR Lawyers

Real RRR Lawyers discuss their experiences and provide tips for these thinking about RRR work.

Alexandra Craig

Legal and Governance Manager / Company Secretary, Central Australian Aboriginal Congress Aboriginal Corporation

RRR lawyer since 2019

No week is the same. Often weeks are office based in Alice Springs, however, sometimes work can mean driving a 4WD or catching a charter flight to a remote community to conduct work - the diversity is excellent.”

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Joanne van der Plaat

Partner, BMR Lawyers
RRR lawyer since 2009

"You will often be provided with more responsibility at an earlier stage of your career, particularly if you work for a sole practitioner or small firm. You will not only be practicing law, but developing business skills…"

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Claire Booth

Senior Associate, Duffy Elliott Lawyers
RRR lawyer since 2009

"I now know that working as a country lawyer means I am called to assist many in their time of need..., there is something of a 'I’m here to help and guide' in your ethos and purpose…"

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Ruth Morley

Principal Legal Advisor
Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Land Council (APY)
Alice Springs
RRR lawyer for 26 years

"My work covers a land area of over 106,000 square kms and covers all manner of land use legal matters…"

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Michael Fellows

Barrister-at-law, Mediator, Arbitrator, Sir George Kneipp Chambers
RRR lawyer for 32 years

"The result of that broad experience meant that in due course I had the confidence and ability to specialise in family law; and to develop a practice in mediation and arbitration.”

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Terry Newman OAM

Principal Solicitor & Accredited Family Law Specialist
Newman Family Law
RRR Lawyer since 1982

"Working in RRR areas generally exposes a solicitor to a far more hands-on experience..."

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Amanda Millyard

Director of Millyard Family Lawyers and Accredited Family Law Specialist
RRR Lawyer since 1999

My favourite thing about working in a RRR area work-wise is the diversity of the client base and the business relationships...

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Jocelyne Boujos

Principal, Boujos Legal
President of the Law Society of Western Australia (2021)
RRR Lawyer for three years

Know the major business(es) of the area....Educate yourself about that and any peculiar legal aspects or issues.”

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John Hammond

Director, Hammond Legal
RRR Lawyer for eight months

You are likely to land in the “deep end” in terms of court appearances, problem solving and face to face contact with clients. There is much experience and satisfaction to be gained from this process.”

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Melita Medcalf

Principal Solicitor, Magenta Legal
Port Headland
RRR Lawyer for nine years

Like any experience, you get out what you put in. If you are willing to work hard, prepared to learn and build relationships in your community, your career will benefit greatly.”

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Juliana Smith

Principal Lawyer, JS Law
RRR Lawyer for twelve years

Working in Regional Victoria is a wonderful opportunity to quickly gain experience in various areas of law, including regular court appearances, in a supportive legal community. You will not look back.”