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Law Council of Australia


Michael Fellows

What support is there for lawyers relocating to RRR areas?

My experience (in Townsville) is of good support being provided by the local profession which was keen to engage with new practitioners.

What experiences will I gain from working in RRR areas?

The work is diverse – in my case undertaking litigation in fields as broad as crime, family law, coronial inquiries, administrative and maritime law.

How will working in RRR areas elevate my career?

The result of that broad experience meant that in due course I had the confidence and ability to specialise in family law; and to develop a practice in mediation and arbitration.

In which RRR area do you currently work, and how long have you been there?

I am based in Townsville but my practice involves very regular work in Cairns and Mackay and – I’ve been in North QLD 32 years.

What is your favourite thing about a RRR lifestyle?

Best of both worlds – the regional/country lifestyle – but a short aircraft flight to the bigger cities. I do not miss the long city commute to work.

What opportunities are there in your RRR area to undertake pro bono work or give back to the community as a lawyer?

You can be a leader in the community should you choose. In my case there was the opportunity to lecture at the local university, to spend time with the local community legal service, serve as a director of the Australian Festival of Chamber Music, and to serve as the Anglican Cathedral organist.