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Updates from the BLS on Covid-19

In conjunction with the Law Council, the Business Law Section continues to review all available information and advisories issued by relevant health and government authorities so we can determine the best course of action in relation to the ongoing work of the Business Law Section.

We are aware that many of our firms and host organisations such as law societies also keep abreast of such information and advisories for the purpose to informing members and employees what is in their best interests.

In relation to the holding and attending of committee meetings, many of our committees schedule regular monthly meetings in capital cities and in many instances, those meetings are well attended. Convening and participating in committee meetings is desirable and indeed essential for the ongoing operations of the Business Law Section.

However, such attendance is a personal choice matter for the host organisation and the meeting participants. It is up to the host organisation and the chair and deputy chairs of the committees to decide whether and by what means to convene meetings.

While it is hoped that members of committees will attend in some form or another (by such other means as may be available), individual members’ choices in this regard are accepted and respected.

The Business Law Section Executive will continue to review the situation to ascertain how the outbreak of the virus, and various measures being adopted to combat the spread of infection, may impact our future events this year.

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